Digital Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

Product Description :

  • US IGBT controlled System from USA based brand technology used.
  • Automatic scanning of horn & Frequency tuning when power on ultrasonic system. Displays frequency on screen/HMI.
  • Auto Frequency tuning and display for each weld. 4 modes – scan on machine start, Horn change scan before each weld, scan in preset mode.
  • Welding modes - Time mode, Energy mode, ground detect mode (for Digital series) can select as part profile and mold quality to minimize weld issues.
  • Double Oscillation use – Can set to impart Oscillation two times per weld to get perfect weld and reduce part rejection, HMI model Auto-self-protection starts when overloading or when the horn is out of system frequency range. Frequency over range and Ultrasonic over load.
  • Ultrasonic system is digital numeric controlled, ultrasonic system parameters are displayed on screen/HMI.
  • Automatic counter shows the welding quantity on HMI which can be reset to zero.
  • Good Weld/Bad weld display for last 60 weld memory and to each weld on HMI models, as per parameters and mold selected.
  • Parameters –Time Mode–Weld time, Delay time, Hold time, Pressure and weld depth set Energy Mode – Energy set 10%,20%...60%...90% etc, Delay time, Hold time, Pressure and weld depth set. Twice Oscillation possible.
  • On line power out put signal, on line frequency signal, over load fault alarm/signal (on HMI)

Product Specification :

DK.2010D 20KHz 1000 W 3-6 Kg. 1 Ph. 220V , +/-1V. / 50-60Hz
DK.2015D 20KHz 1500 W 3-6 Kg. 1 Ph. 220V , +/-1V. / 50-60Hz
DK.2020D 20KHz 2000 W 3-6 Kg. 1 Ph. 220V , +/-1V. / 50-60Hz
DK.1522D 15KHz 2200 W 3-6 Kg. 1 Ph. 220V , +/-1V. / 50-60Hz
DK.1526D 15KHz 2600 W 3-6 Kg. 1 Ph. 220V , +/-1V. / 50-60Hz
DK.1532D 15KHz 3200 W 3-6 Kg. 1 Ph. 220V , +/-1V. / 50-60Hz
DK.1542D 15KHz 4200 W 3-6 Kg. 1 Ph. 220V , +/-1V. / 50-60Hz

A digital ultrasonic welding machine is a type of equipment used in the ultrasonic welding process, which involves joining and bonding thermoplastic materials together using high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. What sets a digital ultrasonic welding machine apart is its advanced digital control system, which provides precise, programmable, and highly adjustable control over the welding process.

Here are some key features and characteristics of a digital ultrasonic welding machine.

1. Digital Control System: Instead of analog components, such as potentiometers and analog voltage signals, digital ultrasonic welding machines use digital components and microprocessors to control and monitor various welding parameters.

2. Precise Settings: The digital control system allows for precise control over parameters like amplitude (vibration intensity), welding time, welding pressure, and energy input. This precision is crucial for achieving consistent and high-quality welds.

Programmability: Digital welding machines often have programmable features that enable operators to store and recall specific welding parameters for different materials, part geometries, and welding applications.

Digital Display: These machines typically include digital displays that show real-time information about the welding process, such as power levels, time, and other relevant data.

Data Logging: Some digital machines may offer data logging capabilities, allowing operators to track and record welding process data for quality control and documentation purposes.

Ease of Use: Digital control systems make it easier for operators to set up and fine-tune the welding process, reducing the learning curve and the potential for errors.

Digital ultrasonic welding machines are commonly used in industries that require precise and consistent ultrasonic welding, such as the automotive, electronics, medical device manufacturing, and packaging industries. The advanced control features and flexibility make them suitable for a wide range of applications where high-quality, repeatable welds are essential.

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